Ganna Walska: Portraits of an Era

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Ganna Walska: Portraits of an Era by Hania Tallmadge offers a rich visual survey of times gone by, along with personal insight into the life of an extraordinary personality. Through her niece’s remembrances and rarely seen images, Madame Ganna Walska’s story springs to life and reads like a Hollywood movie.
Throughout her long life—with endless energy and a lively intelligence—Ganna Walska pursued a love of beauty, music, self-realization, and personal fulfillment. Challenging traditional roles and behavior at a time when it took great courage for women to live life on their own terms, she cultivated influential friendships in Europe and America. Her social and professional commitments brought her in close contact with musical luminaries, artists, writers, politicians, financiers, actors, actresses, and international royalty.
Ultimately her life’s journey led her to California and after decades of collaboration with notable landscape designers and skilled gardeners, she realized her greatest dream—leaving a living legacy behind—the world-class gardens of Lotusland.

180 pages, hardcover, 190 photographs